Gibson Twist


Gibson Twist is a spicy bean from Atlantic Canada, currently living in St Louis, Missouri. His long-running 8-volume webcomic series Pictures of You received critical acclaim for its rich characters and honesty with sensitive subjects, reaching a diverse audience and continuing to make its cult following cry years after its conclusion. More recently, his graphic novel Queer Drunk Punk Romance, aimed at new adult audiences, has received glowing praise from queer and non-queer readers alike. He is currently working with his partner Rori on a graphic novel adaptation of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and other stories for gloomy teens of all ages and genders.

Gibson Twist

What do you love to do for fun?

I enjoy travelling without a map, landing somewhere new and exploring it until I figure out what makes it hum, or being run out of town.

What cool travel spots would you most highly recommend?

Times Square on New Year’s Eve and a drive through the Canadian Rockies can’t be beat, for the most different reasons possible.


pen and ink

Art Process:

Gibson thinks his ideas up in the shower and enters a warp spasm fugue state until the work is done, screaming the whole time, remembering nothing, and running from police.

Forthcoming books:

Pictures of You Books 7-8

Wuthering Heights (Andrews McMeel, Fall 2025)

Published books:

Pictures of You Books 1-6 currently in print

Books 1-8 published digitally, self-published.