I love speaking to writers, artists, publishers, and other industry pros about graphic novels and the future of publishing.

I regularly give talks about comics, creative entrepreneurship, and publishing. If you are interested in booking me to speak at your company, conference, festival, or school, please contact me or click the links below to view my existing workshops.

Children’s Graphic Novels 101

In this session, I offer a general introduction to the field. Why are kids’ graphic novels such a hot category in publishing right now? What’s the difference between “graphic novels” and “comics”? Who are the major players in graphic novel publishing? What are editors and agents looking for? What’s typically included in graphic novel submissions? How do you format a graphic novel script and pitch package? And what can we expect in the future? 

The Graphic Novel Creative & Production Process: How It’s Different

In this workshop, I delve into the nitty gritty of graphic novel script-writing, illustration, and production. I discuss how the comics production process differs from picture books and other illustrated books. I also discuss collaborations and how to foster good communication within the team. I examine differences in format, complexity, and page count among graphic novels for different age ranges. Finally, I discuss timelines and the impact of publishers’ internal processes on getting a graphic novel successfully to the finish line.

How to Get Your Work Noticed

For writers and artists, learning how to write and draw a great story is only half the battle. You also have to learn how to market yourself effectively! In this workshop, we'll discuss what works and what doesn't when it comes to putting yourself out there and selling both yourself and your work. We'll review examples of effective websites, PR strategies, and social media outreach.

How to Turn Your Creative Mess Into Focused Work

Do you feel overwhelmed by too many ideas? Do you struggle with wrangling plot and characters and theme into a tight, coherent story? Do you have trouble deciding where to start? Do you sometimes have amazing ideas, only to lose them hours or days later? In this talk, I discuss how to turn your “messy” ideas into concrete action — and finished work!

I’ve given many talks over the years! Below is a sampling of recent and upcoming appearances.

  • 19 NOV 2019 “Making Manga in the US and Japan” organized and moderated panel for Anime NYC 
  • 18 NOV 2019 “Insider Secrets on How to Build a Successful Career as a Creator” talk for Anime NYC
  • 9 MAY 2020 “Graphic Novels 101” webinar for SCBWI Nevada
  • 12 SEP 2020 “Graphic Novels 101” webinar for SCBWI New England
  • 7 OCT 2020 Graphic Novel Pitch Day panelist for SCBWI 
  • 9 OCT 2020 “The Nuts and Bolts of Graphic Novels” webinar for SCBWI Long Island
  • 7 NOV 2020 “The Art of Graphic Novels” webinar for Alaska SCBWI Illustrator conference 
  • 12 NOV 2020 “Agents Panel at the New School” panelist for SCBWI NY Metro 
  • 6 FEB 2021 “How to Get Discovered in the Graphic Novel World” for SCBWI Oklahoma 
  • 20 MAR 2021 “Agents & Editors Day” panelist for SCBWI New England 
  • 20 MAR 2021 “Graphic Novels 101” webinar for SCBWI West Washington 
  • 8 OCT 2021 “Heart of Storytelling” panel moderator for New York Comic Con
  • 20 NOV 2021 “Webcomics and the Future of Manga and Graphic Novels” organized and moderated panel for Anime NYC 
  • 21 NOV 2021 “How to Build Your Comics Empire” talk for Anime NYC 
  • 13 FEB 2022 “Up Close with Publishing Professionals” event panelist for SCBWI Winter Conference
  • 25 JUN 2022 “How to turn your Creative Mess into Gold” webinar for SCBWI Indiana 
  • 10 SEP 2022 “Graphic Novels 101” talk for SCBWI Rocky Mountain conference 
  • 11 SEP 2022 “Author and Illustrator Marketing Intensive” workshop for SCBWI Rocky Mountain conference 
  • 8 OCT 2022 “Illustrator Graphic Novel Day” speaker for SCBWI Eastern PA 
  • 20 MAR 2022 “Agent Q&A” speaker for Comics Publishing Institute
  • 25 AUG 2022 “Kids and YA Comics and Graphic Novels Symposium” speaker for ComicsPro 
  • 21 SEP 2022 “Comics Coffee Chat” panel moderator for Epic 
  • 27 OCT 2022 “New Ventures In Arts & Entertainment Management” guest speaker at Pace University, NYC 
  • 2 NOV 2022 “Manga for Middle Grade” organized panel for NYC Department of Education/NYC School Library System 
  • 9 DEC 2022 Cartooning Pro Practice course guest speaker for School of Visual Arts, 
  • 23 MAR 2023 “Industry Day” guest speaker for the Center for Cartoon Studies, Vermont
  • 29 MAR 2023 BFA Comics guest speaker for the School of Visual Arts
  • 6 APR 2023 “Graphic Novels with Janna Morishima” webinar for SCBWI Digital Workshop series
  • 20 APR 2023 “How to Get Your Work Noticed” webinar for SCBWI Rocky Mountain 
  • 19 OCT 2023 “From Scripts to Panels” guest speaker for Highlights Foundation 
  • 16 APR 2024 “The Business of Graphic Novels for Writers with Rivkah LaFille” guest speaker for SCBWI

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