Work with me!

How would you feel if you could immerse yourself in your creative work with a sense of utter clarity? And if you had a partner who could help you build a steadily growing audience of raving fans? Pretty great, huh?

That’s what I’m here to do for you. Here’s a quick overview of what we can do together:


I specialize in developmental editing for visual storytellers: graphic novelists, picture book creators, illustrators, and middle grade authors. Developmental editing includes:

  • Detailed review of full or partial manuscripts
  • A comprehensive memo outlining strengths and weaknesses, making editorial suggestions, and noting how the project fits into the overall market
  • A video chat where we discuss your work and ideas in person, and I answer any questions you have
  • Pricing is dependent on the project. Picture book evaluations start at $500, shorter graphic novels (less than 100 pages) at $1000, and longer illustrated novels and graphic novels (more than 100 pages) at $2000


Feel like you’re going in a million directions and need help making your dream a reality? Author/artist career coaching might be right for you if you:

  • Need help deciding which project to focus on first
  • Feel like you’ve been hitting the same wall for waaay too long
  • Want to learn strategies to keep going even when you feel overwhelmed by self-doubt
  • Want to diversify your income stream 
  • Want to make consistent progress toward your biggest goals


Do you need help finding your audience and connecting with them? I can help you:

  • Design a website that immediately communicates who you are and connects with the right people
  • Identify your “tribe” and know where to find them
  • Connect with influencers who love your style and genre
  • Decide which social media platforms to use, and how to use them


You've created your work. Now you need to make sure people know about it! I can help you with:

  • Planning a book launch
  • Blurb and metadata optimization
  • Developing an SEO strategy
  • Designing effective email marketing campaigns
  • Crafting content marketing that connects with your fans and feels true to you


I can help you evaluate and grow other income opportunities, such as workshops, merchandise, affiliate marketing, and licensing:

  • Design and sell school and library workshops.
  • Build your e-commerce site.
  • License your artwork and characters to third party companies.

"Janna was recommended by an illustrator friend to help me with a manuscript that I was struggling with in finding my voice. Out of desperation, I contacted her. Since then, I have had many sessions as we grow from one project to another. I have attended SCBWI workshops, regional, and national conferences and I have attended two Highlights workshops. The instructors were helpful, but nothing like the services that Janna provides. She has been a Godsend to me."

- Kathlyn Kirkwood

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