MY DAY WITH MOM by Rae Crawford

Rae Crawford’s early reader My Day With Mom just came out from Holiday House this month! It’s a real-life tribute to her mom.

(Handy reminder: Mother’s Day is on May 12, 2024!)

Rae had this to say about the book:

“I conceived of My Day with Mom as a love letter to the days I would spend with my mom taking all the steps to prepare a meal for dinner. This was often an exercise in patience as we prepped all day: grocery shopping, farmers markets, and cooking.

But the story would highlight the success and relief when you get to enjoy that meal with the ones you love.

In fact, many scenes are pulled directly from things in my real life: people, places and memories. These experiences have fueled my artistic voice and shaped my life.”

My Day With Mom Illustration by Rae Crawford

My Day With Mom Illustration by Rae Crawford

My Day With Mom Illustration by Rae Crawford

“You may think this book is more or less a sequel to My Day with Dad, but that’s not exactly true. When I was pitching My Day with Dad, I started to notice the parallels between both the ‘mom’ story and the ‘dad’ story and thought they would make nice companion pieces, much like my parents in real life.”

The My Day with series is for kids and parents alike to encourage bonding in your everyday lives. Take time to go to that park, visit the art fair, or listen to some jazz. These are the things we carry with us.”

My Day With Mom Illustration by Rae Crawford

“I’ve been lucky to inherit my humor, my artistic skill, and my love of the humanities from my mother who is an incredible writer herself. I hope some of that love I have for her shines through in this book.

And even if not, I hope it encourages you to go out and have a day with your mom!”

Thanks, Rae! Will do. 🙂

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