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Building a career as an author, illustrator, or comics creator can be overwhelming and lonely. I can help. Together, we’ll break the process into manageable pieces, and I’ll hold you accountable to getting it done. The best part is, we’ll have lots of fun!

Free Consultation

Want to have a quick chat so you can get to know me? In this 15-minute, no-pressure, free call, we’ll talk through your biggest challenges and I’ll help you explore whether coaching is the right option for you. (And if it isn’t, I’ll do my best to give you some other resources to help.)


Clarity Session

Want to work through a specific pain point? Maybe you’re struggling to decide whether traditional or self-publishing is right for you. Or which one of your ideas to pursue first. Or how to make time for marketing. The Clarity Session is a 60 minute deep dive tackling one specific issue.


Creative Mentoring

Want to supercharge your progress? This one-on-one, weekly coaching program to catalyze your creative output might be just what you need. In this program, we’ll prioritize your work, maximize your creative strengths, and take action to grow your audience and your income.


I’ll happily respond within one business day, and from there we can set up a time to chat. I can’t wait to know more about you and your work!

– Janna


    "Janna, you are just amazing. Thank you for sending me this detailed recap promptly and for the essential information I need to stay in forward motion with my book project."

    - Melissa Campesi

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