Awesome Part-time Admin Job

I am looking for a part-time assistant to help me with literary agency administrative tasks.

Janna Co. is a literary agency specializing in graphic novels and visual storytelling. Right now it’s a one-woman show (me – Janna!), though I do work with a variety of partners and contractors. 

I am looking for a part-time assistant to help me with administrative tasks. This is a virtual position of around 10-15 hours/week with completely flexible hours. You can be based anywhere in the world.

I want to be transparent that there are good things and not-so-good things about this job.

I’ll start with the not-so-good things. 

The pay is (extremely) modest. It is $15/hour. If you are seeking a job to support a household, then this is actually no longer such an ”awesome part time admin job,” alas.

In fact, I should say upfront that if you need to make a lot of money, do NOT work in publishing. 

So, what are the good things?

There are LOTS of good things! 

  • First off, you’ll be working with books and writers and artists and children’s book/comics people all around. Almost everyone we work with is extremely nice. 
  • Second, this is a completely virtual business. You can work at any hour of day or night, in your pajamas, with your cat or dog in your lap – anything goes, as long as you get your work done!
  • Third, the work itself is interesting, creative, and fast-paced. You will be working directly with me, helping me with a mix of projects and support.
  • Fourth, I am very team-oriented and love getting ideas and feedback from the people I work with. So, while I expect you to help me get things done, I also expect you to offer your own perspective and tell me when you have ideas for how to improve! 
  • As mentioned above, the hours are super flexible. We’ll need to meet on video chat at least once a week, but other than that, you can make your own schedule.
  • Finally, you will be able to grow with the business. While you’ll have to do a lot of admin work (this is, after all, an admin job), you’ll also be able to contribute at a higher level. And as the business grows, your responsibilities – and pay! – will grow along with it.

What I’m Looking For

Below are characteristics I’m looking for in candidates.

  • Someone who absolutely loves “dotting ‘i’s and crossing ‘t’s.” In other words, a detail-oriented, “get it done” kind of person. You are meticulous by nature. 
  • A systems thinker who enjoys analyzing processes and figuring out ways to streamline them, and making sure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Someone who has a healthy relationship with tech tools. You enjoy getting things done on the computer. If technology can help us do our jobs better, you’re excited to jump in, figure it out, and implement it. But on the other hand, you understand that the simplest solution is usually best – and sometimes fancy tech tools can be a distraction.
  • An excellent communicator. You can write emails in a friendly, professional way, no matter what the circumstances. (It’s OK if you’re shy or quiet, as long as you can communicate well via the written word.)
  • You’re not afraid to ask questions, but also work very well on your own. You’re resourceful and like to solve problems.
  • A book and comics lover! You’re interested in a career in publishing.

In sum, if you’re the kind of person whose idea of FUN is to take an ever-so-slightly disorganized pile of tasks and turn it into a finely-tuned, precision process – I want to talk to you!!! 

(But if you are more of a “big idea, loosey-goosey with the details” kind of person, please do not apply, because you are too much like me. I am looking for the yin to my yang.)

Application Process

I’d like to bring an assistant on board as soon as possible, but I will spend as much time as necessary to find the best fit both in skillset and personality. 

Please fill out this application to apply. I’ll give priority consideration to applications received by Monday, Sept 18th at 11:59 pm.

I am excited to meet you!

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